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  • Through Shoji Papered Glasses

    Through Shoji Papered Glasses

    I feel like the princess and the pea, except, I’m the pea and there are a dozen blankets of all shapes and sizes piled on top of me. Okay the princess and two peas – me and B have sourced every unworked blanket in the house to keep us warm. Our breath billows like clouds…

  • The Courtesy Mask

    The Courtesy Mask

    I caught a cold this past week and got initiated into mask-wearing. In Japan it is completely normal to wear a surgical mask in public. Like wearing a beanie. No one bats an eyelash. Or wonders if I have some dreadful disease. If anything I blend in far better, especially with a beanie and blonde hair…

  • Mojo House

    Mojo House

    Four months ago we found ourselves in a whole new world- new hemisphere, new language, new food and a whole new way of moving through the world. We saw this as a huge opportunity. Why not use this chance to set life up the way we really want it? With our family and each other…

  • Charity : Water

    Charity : Water

    This year, instead of gifts, we are putting our money towards clean WATER for all. And we would love your help! A few months ago we arrived in Toyama, the footstep of the Japanese Alps. Pristine waters flow from the mountain into our valley. The rice grown here is famous because of it. Everyone says…

  • This Created Life

    This Created Life

    I hesitated on this name for a long time. While the ultimate purpose for it is as a personal progress sheet on things we are exploring and learning in our life, I know people will be looking at it, and I don’t want it to be yet another “life is perfect” type deal that you…

  • Gum Boots

    Gum Boots

    Even before my eyes opened for the day, my mind was racing. The frost outside my window and the list formulating in my mind was moving me deeper under my covers. Voices! Footsteps. Maybe if I pretend to sleep they’ll get back in their beds?? The school bus is on its way, so it’s granola…

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