This Created Life

I hesitated on this name for a long time. While the ultimate purpose for it is as a personal progress sheet on things we are exploring and learning in our life, I know people will be looking at it, and I don’t want it to be yet another “life is perfect” type deal that you see so often these days. I don’t want to make any claims on what “this created life” is. I am not finished! And never will be. It’s simply a statement that says, life is what you make it. And here I am, making it, as consciously as I can, with the hope that my choices create some improvement, some growth, some new knowledge and deeper understanding of what happiness is created with. For me, it isn’t just the beautiful moments, the laughs and the love, but the pain and mistakes that bring me there, all together, wrapped in one to create a deep and beautiful appreciation for the ones I love and the life I am blessed to live.
So this site is a bit of life “in process”. And hopefully, in progress too! A bit of what has worked for us, what hasn’t, what we’re adding in, trying out or cutting out to bring more beauty into our world. I am a huge fan of self-sustainability, a lover of plants, nature, art, health and discovery. I love and appreciate my husband with a depth that is tried and true and our two children who drive us nuts and completely amaze us all at once.






2 responses to “This Created Life”

  1. Mary Avatar

    You create such beauty and wonder out of all of your normal-to-unique life experiences!!

  2. Bill Avatar

    Hey I remember that picture!!

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