Gum Boots

Even before my eyes opened for the day, my mind was racing. The frost outside my window and the list formulating in my mind was moving me deeper under my covers. Voices! Footsteps. Maybe if I pretend to sleep they’ll get back in their beds?? The school bus is on its way, so it’s granola and yogurt with panda powder, in the car, out of the car, a child on an extended visit to the toilet, two minutes defrosting the windshield that feel like an eternity I don’t have, and down the hill to barely catch the rural school bus. Relief right??


I’m at home, my list growing, the anxiety mounting and when I’m about to dive into it, my little boy rocks up in his blue gumboots. Big smile. I give in, slide on my green gumboots and gratefully follow his flying feet to the chicken coop where we begin our new morning ritual of letting out the chooks and taking our neighbour’s dog Harry for a walk on the land. My list is far, far away. All I can see is my breath, my boy chasing Harry, and the most glorious Australian landscape glistening in the morning light. The sun has burned away the brain fog of the morning and made way for more useful things like peace, appreciation and insight. Instead of begging my son to be quiet while I’m on the phone, I watch him climbing on an old fallen gum tree. Harry gets a bit of exercise and so do I. I take in the view, and with my breath comes a brilliant stroke of inspiration I’ve been awaiting about starting this blog. About how every moment is a chance to choose the life I want. How every choice has the potential to create beauty. I could have let that list run my day, like it has on so many other days. Could have checked off a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t have given me even a portion of the satisfaction that our 25 minute hike did. And none of the joy. Life isn’t happening to me, I am creating it and have a huge amount of say in it.

I put on my boots, made a choice and changed my day. I ended up taking care of most of that list too. This isn’t about perfection. If that’s what you’re looking for this definitely isn’t the place. It’s just about progress. One choice at a time. So here it is: This Created Life. Extraordinary.






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  1. Mary Avatar

    This beautiful post brings peace and a relaxing breath and a dozen grateful thoughts to my heart. You have a gift for expression. Thank you for sharing!

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you with all my heart!

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